“Pass more of that turkey…”

    “Those mashed potatoes are to die for…”

    “Aunt Laura killed it with those yams again…”

    “No thanks, I’m so full…”

    These are phrases you are looking to hear this year on November 27th: Thanksgiving.

    Thanksgiving is a superb time to reflect on the things that we are thankful for, to spend time with family, and, yes, to gorge on food and football. It’s one of the perks of living in a well-to-do nation in a well-to-do city like Portland, Oregon.

    But what about those less fortunate? What about those whom are down on their luck, whether by poor decisions, by circumstances or by simple bad luck: what if you could make their Thanksgiving bright and wonderful by feeding them a feast before you partake in your own?

    Our kids have never known hunger, they have never known what it is like to sleep outside on a hard street, with wind battering your face and your growling stomach keeping you company. Because of this, we wanted to show our kids how fortunate they were to live in a nice home in Cedar Hills in Portland, Oregon. That’s why we decided to, every Thanksgiving, take them to the Union Gospel Mission in Downtown Portland to help feed the homeless and displaced.

    Instead of being scared or apprehensive, my children embraced the idea. In fact, every year around the time the leaves start to turn, they remind us to make sure we call the Mission so they can help serve their friends. My daughter loves serving the mashed potatoes and she even pushes down on the mound of taters so that her friends can have a nice container for gravy. When she sees little girls her age, she smiles at them and tells and asks them if they want to play on the swings sometime. My son, he’s a little older, he gets to stab the turkey with the fork and plop it right on top of the pile of delicious food, provided by the donations of the wonderful residents of the greatest city in America, Portland, Oregon.

    Whatever your holiday traditions are, whatever your financial status is, whatever religious or moral beliefs you adhere to; providing the gift of a warm, nutritious meal is a tradition you should consider adding to the repertoire. Even if you can’t physically feed the less fortunate in person, consider supporting your local community by donating to Portland’s Union Gospel Mission.

    Help make the world and the city of Portland, Oregon a better place. Donating time and/or money is something Portland, Oregon residents place a great value on. It’s one more reason this city such a good city to call home.

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