The New Year

    Well, Portland, Oregon. Another year has come and gone. Was it good for you? I imagine if it was like most years, you had a share of good times and bad times, but here’s to hoping that 2018 had more good than bad.

    So, onwards and upwards to 2019. Let’s make resolutions and let’s keep them. The most popular resolution is typically to be healthier. Eat better, exercise more, quit smoking, drink less. This is a noble, if somewhat selfish, resolution. Thankfully, living in and around Portland, Oregon makes this resolution easier to keep. A foodies paradise, there are plenty of places to eat healthy and tasty food. I have covered many in this space. Exercise: With hundreds of gyms and numerous parks and pools and hiking trails, getting and staying in shape has never been easier or more entertaining. Quitting smoking and drinking less—plenty of support groups in Portland to help with this as well.

    What about taking up a new hobby, or simply improving on an existing one? I’m a creative person. I play guitar. I draw, I sing, I write. But I don’t devote much time to it these days. I resolve to do it more. Maybe being a part of one of the many open mics in and around Portland can help motivate me to play music. Join a writing group. Sign up for a painting or drawing class—there’s plenty around Portland and no reason not to do so.

    Maybe you want to resolve to help others. It can be hard to find time to help others in our modern day, busy society. But in Portland, where we take altruism and volunteering very seriously, there are tons of opportunities to use your financial blessings and your time to help others.

    Try something new this year or simply resolve to go out more! Go to the 80’s dance party at the Crystal Ballroom, check out a concert, pop in to Chop Sticks or Suki’s and sing some karaoke, try out an Escape Room. Maybe do something nice for the environment. Bike or walk more (which can also help with the health resolutions). Use less plastic, buy organic. We Portlanders care very much about our lush green spaces and will do most anything to keep it clean and pristine.

    Portland is a great place to live, a great place to start over, and a great place to resolve to be better. Stay tuned to this page for fun ideas and new places to check out.

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