Threat Dynamics

    There I was. I ducked and dove. Time was of the essence, but so was keeping my composure. Deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Composure was key in that rescue situation. The scenario? The dreaded officer down in the doorway. Bad guys surrounded me, keeping an eye on the downed man in blue. But, it was my turn to be the hero.

    “Wow, what a rush,” I said, after all was said and done. “Successful operation. Another one.” My real-life pretend law and order/Swat/Miami Vice scenario had come to and end.

    You may be relieved to know, there were no dead bodies. No actual bullets flying. My life was never in danger.

    What had just occurred was just one of the one hundred and sixty high-definition real-world tactical scenarios—not to mention the one hundred eighty virtual-range options—that played on the single-screen at Threat Dynamics’ Threat Alley and three hundred-degree Threat Arena platforms. This fight simulator plunges marksmen—novice and professional alike—into the kind of tactical training used by the military, special operatives and police officers.

    At Threat Dynamics in Sherwood, Oregon (not too far from Portland) I got to feel real weaponry without the risk of using live ammo. The adapted firearms at Threat Dynamics replace live and deadly rounds with an infrared laser and a CO2 system which produces a realistic recoil. Each electronic emulator regulates shooters’ virtual shots, producing a recap for up to five shooters per round– for bragging rights with your friends and family. It’s an arcade game on a large scale, but has practical uses for those that protect our city, our state and our nation.  Here, you can play the hero, pretend you’re that television cop most little boys (and, yes, many women too) dreamed to be, once upon a time.

    To up the ante (and to help with the all-important score keeping), the tactical situations also provide guests with return-fire belts, which deliver a small shockwave when “hit” by cybernetic enemy “fire”. You’ll know when you’re down, but you’ll also know that you can get right back up and enjoy another day. You’ll also gain another measure of appreciation for our boys and girls in blue and the boys and girls in camouflage.

    But, there’s also more practical training for the everyday person. Outside of overseeing the virtual tactical training and computer-generated ranges, Threat Dynamics’ instructors—bringing a hodgepodge of military, law-enforcement, and NRA-certification backgrounds—lead courses in both armed and unarmed self-defense.

    Threat Dynamics is fun but also practical and important in this day and age of uncertainty. I go as often as I can. It’s just a blast. My kids and wife love it too. Threat Dynamics is located at 13565 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd. Suite 300 in Sherwood, Oregon—just a few minutes’ drive from Portland.


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