Sherwood, Oregon. A suburb of Portland filled with loping green hills, stately trees, pleasant, upper middle class homes, and valley/mountain views that will take your breath away. As the Gateway to Oregon’s Wine Country, Sherwood has great schools, nice homes, plenty of jobs and, just twenty minutes from downtown Portland, a prime location. It’s well known as a terrific place to live but, there is more to Sherwood then just tree lined streets and friendly neighbors: It also has some great eateries, including Tree’s Restaurant and Catering on Roy Rogers.

    Sherwoodis really the perfect location for a restaurant named Trees. Located in a thicket of trees, Trees Restaurant and Catering offers Italian/Creole Fusion food in a scenic setting. With ample patio seating or cozy indoor dining, Trees aims to deliver an experience of all the senses.

    But, being as they are a restaurant and I am a man who loves his food, the senses of smell and taste are what I am most interested in.

    I decided to go for happy hour.

    From the outside, the stone building with dark wooden accents nestled within the aforementioned trees looks like a cozy cabin in the woods—especially since I visited when it was covered by several inches of snow, in the midst of this unseasonably snowy winter. Inside, ubiquitous windows allowed jaw dropping views of the kind of beauty found only in the Pacific Northwest. Tall ceilings with bright chandeliers lit up the dining room, filled with dark wooden tables. A fully stocked marble bar provided all of mylibatious desires. I was intrigued.

    And the aroma. The aroma only added to the allure. It served to whet my appetite, it set my stomach to rumbling, it made me eager to try the food, to see if it matched my olfactory expectations and the unparalleled atmosphere.

    I grabbed a drink—gin and tonic—and then I sat down.

    Happy hour is always the perfect way to sample a menu without spending an arm and a leg in the process. And, with so many food options at Trees, this seemed like the best way to get the eating process started. I ordered the catfish bites, the original meatball (with fries), the pulled pork slider, and the house salad. Each item was delivered with a smile and a swiftness that equated to a large tip for my waitress. Each item pleased my nostrils and my taste buds, which equated to many kudos to the chef.

    All in all, the comfortable seating, the cozy and pleasing ambiance, the aromas, the flavors. Everything. It all equated to a superb experience that made the trek to Sherwood worth it. Turns out, Sherwood is more than just a nice place to live. There are some good eats too in the Gateway to Oregon’s Wine Country.

    Tree’s Restaurant and Catering is located at 20510 SW Roy Rogers in Sherwood, Oregon.

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