The holidays are wonderful. Regardless of which holiday you celebrated and how you celebrated, odds are you overspent and overindulged. Still, you need to go out. It’s in your nature. But, how to go out and not spend a lot of money? That is the million dollar question. The answer? Free trivia from Trivia Jock ShanRock.

    ShanRock and team “[C]reate and host fun and unique pub quizzes in beautiful Portland, Oregon. It’s free to play, and the team victorious walks away with cash or prizes . . . and perhaps more importantly, glory!” The show is Trivology and the trivia jockey, ShanRock, was voted best entertainer in North Portland. Best of all? It’s a travelling show so whether you are an outlier or an urbanite, a fun free game with cash prizes awaits you.

    I love trivia. Not only that, I DOMINATE trivia. Everyone wants to be on my team , which makes it really hard to play at home with the family because, if one is not on my team, they are on the losing team– and no one likes to lose, especially in my competitive family. So, when my wife discovered Triviology, it was a true life saver and a game changer.

    So, we picked the Monday night trivia, at Hawthorne Hophouse at 4111 Se Hawthorne. The trivia began at nine and we were off to the races. Not only are these quizzes free, and often accompanied by fantastic beverages and food, they are not an all night commitment, lasting only a few hours.

    Each pub quiz is “[C]omposed of seven short rounds, giving teams instant gratification for their efforts.” Team sizes can vary but prizes for the winning team are divvied to each team member, regardless of their level of participation. This is good because, truth be told, I tend to dominate the dojo at these pub quizzes, too.

    But here, no one minds if I’m a trivia hog. My friends and darling spouse can lie back, enjoy a beer or two and some food, while I do the work and they share in a prize. It’s a win win.

    Come and be a part of ShanRock’s triviology Mondays at nine at the Hawthorne Hophouse, or Mondays at 8 at the 15th Avenue Hophouse. Seven nights a week all over the fair city of Portland, you can enjoy free fun and trivia with real prizes. To find out when and where, visit

    I hope to see you there… just don’t expect to beat me.

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