Tualatin Island Greens

    Have a client you want to impress? Perhaps you need a round of golf to seal the deal on a big sale? Maybe your buddies like to run out to the links and shoot nine holes before heading into work? Maybe all of the proceeding apply, but your golf game is subpar and you don’t want to embarrass yourself and damage your male (or female) ego. Enter: Tualatin Island Greens.

    Now that spring has sprung, a day at Tualatin Island Greens is even more desirable. Tualatin Island Greens, in Tualatin, Oregon, a large suburb of Portland, Oregon, “[I]s a golf practice facility that has all the amenities you will need to perfect your golf game. With an award winning driving range, short game area, and miniature golf course, which are all lit for night use, Tualatin Island Greens offers everything you need year round.” Tualatin Island Greens offers individual and group lessons as well. This course is a great place to learn the frustratingly fun game of golf—just in time to impress that important client with your impressive drives and Tiger Woods-ian short game.

    Tualatin Island Greens has many stalls (fifteen grass, forty-three synthetic turf), all of which provide a stunning view of an island for you to improve your aim and practice your long game. These stalls and the island target are designed to help both your drive length and your aim. Of these stalls, twenty-five are covered and twelve are heated, ensuring that you practice your golf game rain or shine, and year round. This is an all important feature for golf lovers here in the oft wet and cold Pacific Northwest.

    My little boy loves to come here with me and, after practicing our long game for a while, we make our way over to the mini golf and work on those puts, remembering the anger Happy Gilmore felt when his short game would move him from birdie to double and triple bogie status. My son is much better than I, but that doesn’t stop me from placing nickel a hole bets with him. Eighteen holes later, and he has a small fortune built up… and well as an appetite.
    As with all forms of exercise, golf, whether it is miniature or full sized, is appetite inducing. Tualatin Island Greens has its own fine dining, with the stunning island view, right on site. Island Grill provides indoor and patio seating and can squelch appetites for lunch or dinner. This isn’t greasy clubhouse faire; this is fine dining in a casual atmosphere.

    In any respect, now is the time to practice your golf game so that when the time comes to impress that all important client, or your buddies, you can stand proud and look like you know what you are doing. Tualatin Island Greens is located at 20400 SW Cipole Road Tualatin, Oregon 97062. The range and mini golf runs from 9 am until 8 pm each day, with the grill operating from 10:30- 6:30. For more info, visit http://www.tualatinislandgreens.com/.

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