Twilight Theatre Company

    The Kenton neighborhood in North Portland is full of surprises. From delightful soul food to affordable houses and more trees and parks than you can count, Kenton is a hidden gem in the upper reaches of North Portland, Oregon
    Another one of the gems is the Twilight Theatre Company, located on North Brandon.

    This not for profit organization has been bringing some of the greatest plays of our time to the Portland area with a goal to meet a growing need for accessible, innovative theatre in the North Portland community, both for artists and audiences. You see, live drama is real drama. Before being able to hide behind cameras and hours of editing, dramatic actors had to lay bare in front of audiences which then, like now, could be brutal. All the mistakes, line flubs, real shows of emotion and humor—it’s all out there with nowhere to hide. And if you have never experienced it, Twilight Theatre Company is as good of a place to start as any.

    And you can’t miss it. Nestled on the corner amidst adorable farm houses, this unassuming grey building houses a large stage and some of the greatest acting talent this side of Broadway. Cozy and warm, Twilight Theatre Company puts the actors at the forefront and does it without ideas of fame and fortune. This is drama in its purist form, hearkening back to the Ancient Greeks from two millennia ago. I always try to get as many tickets as I can. Live drama. There’s nothing quite like it.

    Opening the 2016 season with Boeing, Boeing, Twilight Threatre Company offers the 2007 Tony Award winner for best revival. “This high-flying comedy, based on a French farce, follows an American lothario living in swinging ’60s Paris who’s secretly engaged to three different flight attendants. But when the new, faster Boeing jet goes into service, the ladies’ schedules get jumbled, and things turn turbulent as all three of them descend on his apartment at the same time — along with an old schoolmate who can’t seem to keep his pal’s cover stories straight.”

    A modern remix of the classic entanglements of philandering, this show is sure to delight all in the audience. But, don’t worry if you miss this show, new artistic director Dorinda Toner has a full slate of shows scheduled for the duration of the season. Something for everyone, for sure.

    So, go on. Get some culture and get yourself some entertainment. I’ll be there, front and center. I hope to see you there too!

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