Twisted Cabaret

    Of all things, I was watching That Thing You Do the other day and was caught in a time warp to an era that preceded me by about two decades. One thing that caught my attention in particular was during the dénouement, when the Wonders are playing a variety show. I leaned over to my wife and I asked her why didn’t see variety shows anymore.

    Turns out, we do. You just need to know where to look. We happen to have one coming right here, in Portland, Oregon in Frank Olivier’s Twisted Cabaret.

    Frank Olivier’s “Twisted Cabaret” is a variety show in the truest sense of the world, but with a, well, twist. You see, this travelling show, is a one man show, featuring the talents of Frank Olivier and his hunch backed assistant, Flynn. The show has been featured on The Tonight Show and America’s Got Talent and will be making a short stop right here in Portland on March 4th , 5th, and 6th at the Alberta Rose Theatre in the Alberta Arts District in NE Portland, Oregon.

    This Twisted Cabaret is both vaudeville comedy and a carnival sideshow rolled into one terrific performance. The show features sixteenspectacular acts including mind reading, knife throwing, juggling, magic, and fire-eating, comedy and more. It may not be as quaint as Ed Sullivan, but this sidesplitting show pleases all those who enjoy a little old-fashioned showmanship and, with only three stops on the current tour, we Portlanders should consider ourselves quite lucky to have Mr. Olivier grace us with his talents.

    When I told my wife about the show she was instantly skeptical and told me to make it a guys night out. I bought my tickets and called up some buddies. I can’t wait to drive from our little bungalow in Cedar Hills, through the West Hills, down Burnside and through Downtown, over the Bridge and into the Portland homes of the East Side, past the ranches and tree lined streets, past the parks and pups and bicyclists, and ma and pa shops and art galleries that make up the Alberta Arts District. The drive will be half as good as the event itself, and I’m sure will remind me how fortunate I am to live in such an architecturally, economically, and ethnically diverse area like Portland, Oregon.

    I can’t wait!

    If you want to experience Frank Olivier’s one man show, please visit Hurry. Tickets are selling fast!

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