Whereas Camp Crush is a Portland, Oregon based band trying to make a name for themselves in the crowded Portland musical landscape, Typhoon is a band from Portland that has made it on the national and international scene; and they are coming home! On February 23rd, check out these hometown favorites in their homecoming show at the Crystal Ballroom.

    Typhoon, which has a mind boggling eleven band members, was formed in Salem, Oregon (though they now site Portland as their home) in 2005. Categorized as indie rock, the band is so much more than that. Labeling their music is next to impossible, and that’s a good thing. They just let the music speak for them. Typhoon’s music is known for complex arrangements and careful instrumentation. The expansive band has often been compared to indie rock mainstays such as Omaha’s Bright Eyes, Canada’s Arcade Fire and Portland’s own Modest Mouse. With up to twelve instruments being played simultaneously, Typhoon represent the Portland aesthetics of team work and diversity in musical form. Without perfect communication and hours upon hours of practice, it would just be a jumbled mess.

    While they now have an established and defined sound, early recordings of the bandshow a greater degree of experimentation with various styles including country and western and sea shanties Many of the songs discuss mortality and explicitly refer to lead singer and principle songwriter Kyle Morton’s own battle with Lyme Disease in his youth.

    All this has lead up to now.

    Following in the footstesp of highly successful Portland band the Decemberists, Typhoon has played their music all over the world, travelling seemingly nonstop for the last half decade. Now, they come back to Portland on the heels of their brilliant new record, Offerings.The ambitious and extensive new concept album, is separated into four movements (Floodplains, Flood, Reckoning, and Afterparty). A concept album, for those who don’t know, is an album that tells a story from start to finish. On Offerings,  the four movementsembody the mental state of the protagonist goes through as he initially becomes aware that something is wrong, then follows him as hefights through the bedlam of his situation, before finally moving into acceptance and yielding to his horribledestiny.

    The subject matter of the record is heavy, yet artfully presented and somehow, light. It sounds like Portland, it looks like Portland and Typhoon makes Portland proud. Welcome them home at the historic Crystal Ballroom.

    Typhoon are a prime example of a group of homegrown talent making a name for themselves out of the small pocket of Portland. They’re one of the reasons that Portland, Oregon is a hot commodity and a highly regarded place to live and raise a family. I hope you’ll check out the show. For more information, visit. www.wearetyphoon.com.

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