Urban Scavenger Hunt

    For my thirtieth birthday, several of my friends put together an urban scavenger hunt through the city of Portland. From the seedy underbelly, to my favorite breweries, to Portland landmarks like Powell’s books, and everything in between, these friends put together a party for me that let me explore my favorite city with a mission in mind. I don’t remember if my team won, but that doesn’t matter. I had a blast!

    But, for my friends it was a lot of work. Labor of love, I’m sure, but a lot of work no doubt! But, at the time, we had no idea that there companies that would plan and execute scavenger hunts for you. Enter Urban Adventure Quest.

    Urban Adventure Quest, where your city is your game board, provides puzzles, challenges, and scavenger hunts that the entire family can enjoy. Wander the city on this interactive tour with clues sent to your smartphone. The more clues you solve, the more quotes you get and, to paraphrase John Madden, the more points you get, the better chance you have of winning it all.

    Urban Adventure Quest, which operates in 43 cities across America, has opened a branch in Portland. The scavenger hunt is like a toned down version of the Amazing Race and a sightseeing tour all in one. Perfect for residents and visitors alike; you will be surprised what you didn’t know about the city we call home—and pleased to rediscover some things that you may have forgotten.

    Your Smart Phone tour guide will wind you through the city with a group of adventure seekers. This adventure will take you to well-known haunts and overlooked gems and you will beef up your knowledge about the city (or impress your friends with your wide berth of knowledge) to fill in the blanks, answer the trivia questions, or fill in the pieces of the puzzle. Learning local history has never been so fun and interactive!

    After buying my ticket for the scavenger hunt, I took the MAX to Portland’s Living Room (Pioneer Courthouse Square) and began my quest through the greatest city in America.

    From Voodoo Doughnuts, to Powell’s Books, through the Arts District and everything in between, this 2.4 mile walking tour (with some walking breaks on the Portland Street Car) showed me everything that Portland’s Urban Center had to offer. The best part of the journey was that I was able to go at my own pace. I stopped for a burger and a beer half way through at Deschutes, I read a couple chapters of Chuck Pahlniuk’s latest at Powell’s, I took in some art at one of the local galleries.

    All in all, the adventure was a success as I answered all the questions and completed the scavenger hunt all while gaining an even greater appreciation of the City of Portland.

    I recommend Urban Adventure Quest to anyone. For more information, please visit http://urbanadventurequest.com/.

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