Vegan Beer & Food Festival

    Don’t get me wrong. I am a meat heavy Carnivore. I love a nice, dry aged rib eye; I love a hamburger cooked, with a little pink; I love fried chicken, chicken fingers, pork chops and even exotic meats like goat and lamb. Portland, Oregon offers plenty of meat options.

    Despite my love of meat, I also love animals—and not just for their tastiness. I often tell my friends that If I could find a way to eat meat, without having to have a life taken, but still maintain the taste and texture of meat, I would do it. I know that there are synthetic meat alternatives, but this are unnatural and unhealthy. I’m looking for healthy and delicious alternatives.

    Enter the Vegan Beer and Food Festival in Portland, Oregon.

    The Vegan Beer & Food Festival is being held this year on September 26thand is hosted by one of my favorite Portland concert venues, the Doug Fir Lounge, along with the Herbivore Clothing Company, and Bye & Bye. The festival will be taking place at Zidell Yards, in the heart of Portland, Oregon’s South Waterfront District.
    This is where I plan to go to explore some of the finest non-Animal food options available. My wife, herbivore that she is, has had a rather easy time transitioning from an omnivorous diet to a herbivorous one, in large part because of the ever improving quality of vegetarian and vegan food options, especially here in the Pacific Northwest.

    In addition to fine crafted regional and local craft beer tastings, you can tease your palates with samples and meals from the fifty most popular vegan food carts, vendors, and restaurants in the Northwest…with a few Los Angeles based eateries peppered in, just for diversities sake.

    But like any great festival, especially one in the Rose City, music and art will be featured as well, with a musical lineup including Northwest based artists Mimicking Birds, Lovebomb, Modern Kim, Genders, and Thao & the Get Down Stay Down plus, with each entry, entry you will receive a Vegan Beer & Food Festival tasting glass to enjoy unlimited 4oz pours from the fifty represented breweries.

    So, do I ever anticipate myself going vegetarian, let alone vegan? NO. I do not. But, the Vegan Beer and Food Festival will provide me, and other foodies, vegetarians, vegans, and lovers of music and art with examples of plant based foods. Who knows! Maybe I’ll find a new favorite!

    The Vegan Beer and Food Festival will be held at Zidell Yards, located at 3121 SW Moody Ave, Portland, Oregon 97239 in South Waterfront. Tickets are $52.40, though Portland Perks is currently offering (while supplies last) $25 general admission tickets.

    I’ll be there, sampling, eating, drinking and dancing. I hope to see you!

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