So, maybe you want to vacation a little closer to home. 2017 has been named the year of Eco-Tourism, putting an emphasis on travelling without leaving a carbon footprint. This can certainly be tricky, but, who says anything worth doing is easy?

    So, with this in mind, I packed the recently purchased Chevy Bolt and made my way to the Willamette valley, less than an hour from Portland. My goal: wine tasting and general Portland weirdness at the Vintage Trailer Resort in Dayton, Oregon.

    The Willamette Valley is ideal for growing grapes for wine. In fact, the Huffington Post in 2012 named the Willamette Valley one of the top US wine destinations back in 2012. With its cool, damp winters and warm, dry summers, it’s no wonder that grapes and other fruits and vegetables thrive here. And we are the beneficiaries. Fantastic wine so close to home. Just another great part about living in Portland.

    Like the Oregon Coast, Oregon’s wine country is close enough for a one day jaunt, or a long weekend. If you’re going to stay, do like I did and stay at the Vintages Trailer Resort.

    Truly one of the most unique hotels in the Pacific Northwest, the Vintages Trailer Resort merges Portland’s unconventional, retro ambiance with the charming elegance of wine country, a wine country I have often mentioned as being underrated and underappreciated by those outside of the area.

    My wife and I unloaded the Bolt and were assigned our trailer. Would we get the 1965 Avion? The 1957 Air stream? Something else? The mystery was killing me. We drove around to our spot. 1948 Westwood. Perfect.

    But, lest you think we were roughing it, our trailer was copiously equipped with hip, contemporary extras: A flat screen TV, a brand new refrigerator, microwave, and outdoor patio space. And, very important to the missus, a private bathroom. This was my idea of roughing it.

    Our stay also included two cruiser bikes, which we used to pack up a picnic, cruise into town, and eat as we watched the sun go down.

    Biking back to our trailer, the night was lazy and warm, perfect. The trailer provided a cozy backdrop as the crickets chirped us to sleep. The air circulating through kept us nice and cool.

    The next day, we took in some of the finest wine the region has to offer, in easily the most beautiful place the world has to offer (I know, I say that a lot. Everything in Oregon is beautiful). We sipped our wine and talked and took in the lush green grass and rolling hills of the Willamette Valley. We looked off over the mountains and found it hard to believe our urban home was less than hour away. The beauty of Portland, again, is the closeness to everywhere.

    When we packed up our Bolt to return home, we were satisfied and anxious to return. The trailers provided a fun and unique backdrop, and a vacation unlike any other.

    To make your reservation and for more info, please visit It’s a way to experience Eco-Tourism close to home.

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