Winter Beer Fest

    Summer may be over, but that does not mean that the festivals have to come to an end. Here in Portland, we don’t hibernate, we don’t stop socializing, we don’t stop discovering… we just move things inside. Take the Portland Beer and Music Festival, which occurred on Saturday, November 12th at the Tiffany Center, the High Rise event Center on SW Morrison.

    I wanted to check this out. The Summer Festivals in Portland, and, in particular, at waterfront, are some of my highlights of the summer months. I just hate having to wait eight long months for them to start up again. So, when I heard about the Portland Beer and Music Festival, I had to check it out, even if I was somewhat skeptical.

    Put on by Rock star beer, the Portland Beer and Music Festival is a broad spectrum, four-hour event. With more than fifty varieties of locally crafted beer, wine, and spirits, I got more than my bang for my buck. The flavors and aromas teased me all day long.

    The full yet brief event, which started at 6 PM and went until 10, provided the perfect backdrop to another grand Portland, Oregon sunset. Live bands and DJ’s—a staple here in the music mecca of Portland, set the stage and kept me on my feet throughout the event. Couple this with the free flowing drinks, and it was a loosey goosey time to cut loose.

    Of course, with the aforementioned booze flowing freely, the Portland beer and Music Festival featured tons of scrumptious food as well, to help soak it all up. And, like the booze, there were plenty of free samples. This was perfect for Portland, of course, because Portland, foodie city that it is, has plenty of picky eaters. But, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, riddled with allergies, or able to eat anything and everything, you will find it here. Wash down your food with some of the best beer and finest live music around, in an indoor setting sounds like a win-win situation to me. And it was.

    Of course, this is socially conscious Portland. A portion of the festival proceeds went to the The Coastal Conservation Association; a “Grassroots, non-profit, social movement organization of salt water anglers from 17 coastal states spanning the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, and Pacific coasts.” The primary concern of the CCA is with the renewal and preservation of coastal marine resources. It functions on all three levels of government: The national, state, and local levels.

    I had a blast at the Portland Beer and Music Festival and I hope that you will join me next year. Much fun was had by me and, presumably, all.

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