Wolf & Bears

    As recently as a decade ago, food carts were thought of as cheap, unpleasantly quirky, unhealthy, and flavorless alternatives to restaurants. However, as the economy turned south and individuals became more conscious of healthy eating, food carts began to follow suit, offering fine cuisine at rock bottom prices. In an era where fifty percent of all restaurants fail, food carts—with their lower overhead, mobility, and improved food quality—have found a way to thrive, and nowhere is this more evident than right here in Portland, Oregon.

    Wolf and Bear’s, with locations on North Mississippi and Southeast 28th, is one of the finest carts in the Portland Metropolitan area. While the food here is somewhat exotic, it is completely free of both Bear and Wolf meats. In fact, Wolf (TannaTenHoopenDolinsky) and Bear (Jeremy Garb) serve completely vegetarian (and sometimes vegan), Middle Eastern inspired cuisine.A meal here will fill you with culture and scrumptiousness.

    As with most food carts; the fare at Wolf and Bear’s is created from scratch with creativity and care. Whenever possible, the fruits, veggies and breads are produced locally and/or organically, so eating at Wolf and Bear’s is not only good for your appetite, it’s good for the local community and for the earth. You can trust the food here to be free of added hormones and preservatives—making it a guilt-free experience.

    As with many food carts, the menu is limited.This allows, though, for each dish to be expertly prepared. Whether you choose a falafel pita, a nice salad, or lemonade (or some kind of glorious combination)Wolf and Bear’s does not disappoint—they nourish your body while they entertain your taste buds and your curiosity. Truly, the flavors and culture of this food cart set Wolf and Bear’s apart from other food carts.

    So if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, or are simply someone who enjoys good quality food prepared with care and a flair for the creative, Wolf and Bear’s is for you. With carts on both the north and south side and with convenient hours, Wolf and Bear’s can be enjoyed by all at virtually any time and anywhere.

    Wolf and Bear’s, and food carts like it, just add to the appeal of the already amazing city of Portland, Oregon. If you catch yourself with a food craving and you’re near Wolf and Bear’s, be sure to stop by. It’s an experience and a treat, and you deserve it!

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