I love books. Not Kindles, not Ebooks or Nooks. Books! Paperback, hard cover, trade paperback, chap book, heck, I would even read a scroll if I could get my hands on one. If it’s on paper or parchment and contains the written word, color me interested. If I don’t have a good book (or really, any book) on me at all times, I kind of freak out a little bit. Yes, I’m the guy who will spend $30 on a paperback at the airport just so I have something to read on the plane.

    I wish there was a festival for people like me.

    Yes. You know where this is going: There is! Wordstock Book Festival. After a two-year hiatus, Wordstock is back at the Portland Art Museum. Wordstock, founded in 2005 by Portland-based writer Larry Colton, is an annual festival that features a book fair and an extraordinary rozter of local and national authors.

    On hand will include one hundred and three writers from dozens of genres: Pullitzer prize nominees Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jeffrey Eugenides will be on hand, along with Portland writers including Book Award-winner Lidia Yuknavitch (The Chronology of Water), Nicole J. Georges (Fetch and Invincible Summer), Rene Denfeld (The Enchanted), and illustrator-author duo Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis (Wildwood Chronicles).

    As the rebooted Wordstock’s primary venue (It was originally the Oregon convention Center), the Portland Art Museum offers a background for history, art, and culture which can morph and merge into conversations and books and ideas.This one-day event will feature question and answer sessions with authors, on-stage author conversations, pop-up readings, interviews, teaching workshops, story times’ for children, live music, and the aforementioned book fair. And, if you get hungry (which you will!), Get your Portland grub on with the food carts parked outside.

    Andrew Proctor or Literary Arts, the main organizer of the event, says “When you think of Portland’s profile, it’s a cool town with great food and wine and people who love to read and are serious about the arts. The idea that you can have a festival of books and ideas that’s incredibly fun to be at, all distilled into downtown with a huge book fair and an entire museum, for $15 — this is something that could only happen in Portland.”

    It’s true. The event is very Portland, and is perfect for bookworms (and aspiring writers) like me.

    Did I mention this is a great event for aspiring writers? The Fifteen dollar fee gets you in the door, to hobnob with famous writers and fellow book lovers, but, for an additional fee (it varies) you can also sign up for a writing workshop taught by an esteemed writer—and for no doubt less money than a class taught at the local community college.

    This event, which takes place on November 11th, will sell out, so buy your tickets now. I’ll be there, and I hope to see you. Man, I love living in Portland!

    For more information, visit https://literary-arts.org/what-we-do/wordstock/.

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