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    It would not be a stretch to say that I am not a gym rat. I have a high metabolism and a high level of energy and this has served me well in my life and kept me looking trim and fit. But, as I’ve grown into my thirties, I’ve noticed a little paunchiness around the waist. I’ve noticed my weight slowly creeping up on the scale and my energy level gently subsiding. This doesn’t really bother me… it’s just the price of getting older.

    But, my wife…well, I guess she had some concerns.

    One day, in her sweetly subtle way, she emailed me a Groupon for place called Xtreme Edge. Located at 16365 NW Twin Oaks Drin Beaverton, Oregon, Xtreme Edge is a gym unlike any other gym you have been to. At least that was how it billed itself. I must admit I was intrigued and had to see the place for myself.

    My first impression left me thinking that perhaps the advertising had been misleading. I saw a number of cardio machines, free weights, stationary bikes, steppers and the like. And while it was very nice and well kept, it didn’t seem overly special. Not until I sat down and spoke with the sales staff and toured the entire facility.

    Pulsating music and blinking lights “[G]ive the Zumba classes a palpable energy, as 75-foot screens display videos of Paul Bunyan–sized exercisers doing Zumba. Spin classes take place in a “theatre studio” that makes participants feel like they’re biking through the great outdoors. You can also hone coordination in yoga sessions or exotic Bollywood dance classes. A team of experienced personal trainers is on hand at the gym to augment the enjoyability [sic] of these endeavors by motivating students and sharing pro tips for fitness and nutritional lifestyle changes.”

    You see, what I really lack in the exercise game is motivation and accountability. This is what Xtreme Edge provides. Xtreme Edge offers over fifty aerobics classes and one hundred different Bootcamp options.
    “Bootcamp?” I said, as the muscular man showed me around the facility. “Bootcamp? I think I’ll pass on that.”
    He smiled and laughed and grabbed my shoulder. It hurt a little but I didn’t let on. “It’s not what you think” he said.

    Bootcamp provides a group setting where participants, with each group being grouped by skill level, encourage each other to stay in shape while engaging in a variety of activities designed to build the body from the inside out. This is what I needed and I was quick to sign up and have not had any regrets about doing so. The Bootcamp is affordable, challenging and enjoyable. I never would have expected the latter and all thanks goes to my wife and Xtreme Edge.

    Hours of operation are Mon-Fri: 5am-11pm, Sat: 5am-8pm and Sun: 8am-8pm. For more information visithttp://www.theedgegym.com/.

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