Zombie Scavengers

    Halloween is a-comin and, what better way to celebrate the scariest of all holidays than by escaping from zombie hoards?

    Are zombies real? Who knows. Hopefully I’ll never know first-hand. The concept is scary enough. The Walking Dead: terrifying. Night of the Living Dead? Horrifying in all it’s campiness. But real? I have no clue. Probably not.

    But, it doesn’t matter. Let’s pretend they’re real for Halloweens’ sake. And, if you have ever wondered (or had nightmares about) what it would be like to escape zombies and be thrust into survival mode, now is your chance.

    Zombies have taken over Canada and the United States. Zombie Scavengers turns cities across Canada and the United states, thought he relevant location for us, is across the bridge from Portland, Oregon in Vancouver, Washington in to zombie survival mode. The undead are after you and your precious resources. But instead of sending hordes of brain-hungry zombies into the streets, Zombie Scavengers drives players into the role of survivors, who must forage for housing and supplies as part of their scavenger hunt. Yes, a zombie scavenger hunt. This couldn’t be scary, right? What could go wrong with in this scenario? Probably nothing, I say.

    So, Zombie Scavengers. What is it? What happens? Well, fortunately, the zombie horde I speak of is fictional. But that doesn’t mean the fun and excitement isn’t real.

    How does it work?

    Players—those who have survived the zombie virus and are now fighting for survival—basically just show up at ground zero on the day and time of their reservation, smartphone in hand. One would hope that there would be a horde of zombies awaiting you, but, just in case there’s not (and I can’t decide which option I’d prefer), so your smartphone will direct you to the action. With the GooseChase app downloaded onto your Apple or Android device, you, the survivor, take take your cues from a guide (I keep hoping it’s Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead) who oversees their advancement and helps your team along to success. Throughout the game, they (the players) work in unison to secure food, shelter, and all-important zombie killing weapons, all while trying to sidestep zombies skulking all around you.

    But, zombies aren’t the only danger. Other bands of survivors are out the get you and your resources. After all, resources are scarce, and survival of ones’ self and ones’ own group takes precedence.

    I did it, and I would do it again. It was a terrifying and exciting experience. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. And it’s here, just in time for Halloween.

    For more information, please visit https://www.zombiescavengers.com/. It’s yet another great thing about living in Portland, Oregon.

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